Ages 0-4

White Angles

The Tiny Academy is for you to climb with your baby or toddler (ages 0-4).

It runs every Tuesday and Friday here at The Newsroom from 11am – 12pm. We have some kids soft play toys to keep younger kids entertained or to encourage the older kids to get climbing, although feel free to bring your own!

This isn’t an instructed session but a member of our team is there to make things run smoothly they can also share the childcare and you can get some climbing in for yourself.


Safety is very important. All individuals using the climbing centre must complete appropriate forms to ensure that they understand the risks. To save time at reception, please read our policies and complete Customer Registration Form A and Form B before you come to TCA. Form B is a video accompanied by some questions. Completing this in advance will make your visit to our centre, with young children, much smoother.