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White Angles

At TCA you can pay-per-visit, get discounted entry with punch cards or buy monthly passes. Passes provide unlimited access to all centres.


over 16s
under 16s
Registration/Joining FREE FREE
Peak  £13  £8
Off-Peak  £11  £7
New member 1st month pass  £36  £18
Month pass  £45 / £50*  £24
Annual pass  £498  £264
Punch cards (5 or 10 visits)  £55 / £104  £34 / £64
3 month student pass  £117  £117
Auto belay inductions  FREE  FREE
Over 70s  FREE  n/a

* £45 monthly billing (EFT) / £50 single-month purchase
Peak: 3-8pm weekdays / from opening until 3pm weekends

You don't need to book to boulder or if you are a competent rope climber. There is no induction required to boulder. Courses have set times, but all other entries allow you to climb for as long as you want.


Shoe hire (adult)
Shoe hire (u16s)
Belay device and carabiner  £1
Ohm (braking assistance device)  £3
Harness (with or without) belay device and carabiner   £3


  • Under 16s must be supervised when bouldering and under 18s must be supervised when roped climbing.
  • Age-related access restrictions may apply. See FAQs
  • Punch cards are valid for 12 months
  • Month passes can be frozen 1-month at a time, via request in My TCA. No freezes for 3-month student pass.
  • For more info on starting out, read ‘First time climbing‘ on our homepage
  • Pass-holders get 10% off climbing hardware and apparel in the TCA shop


NEW MEMBER PASS – Special offer

When you buy your first TCA month pass, we offer a discounted rate of £36 for adults and £18 for under 16s for unlimited climbing in all centres, plus 10% off a pair of shoes in the TCA shop (excluding sale items). To sign up, click on your preferred centre below.



Click on your preferred centre below to buy passes and punch cards. Pre-paid entry options:

  • Month pass – single payment for as many months as you want.
  • Monthly EFT billing – spread payments evenly and ensure uninterrupted access. Cancel anytime. 
  • Punch cards – single payment for a block of discounted visits.  Valid for 12 months.
  • Student 3-month pass – any 3 months, start any time, no freezes.

The Mothership, Bristol

The Newsroom, Glasgow

The Church, Bristol

The Prop Store, Glasgow

The Arc, Chippenham



You can freeze, unfreeze, cancel, update contact details and make other changes to your membership via My TCA. This applies to both single-payment and monthly card billing. Multi-month passes can be frozen for no less than 1 month (up to 3 months) at a time. No freezes are permitted on the 3-month student pass.