Kids Climbing Area

White Angles

Safe climbs for little people

Kids climbing in Glasgow

Kids are natural climbers. We have a dedicated kids’ climbing area at The Newsroom which is a perfect spot to help get kids moving, to grow their confidence and to have fun. Plus it’s right beside our cafe!  These climbs are set for little people so have a much shorter reach and lots of easy options for tiny hands. See general centre rules the latest on Covid rules.

Why not try kids classes?

These run on weekend mornings in the kids area anyway. You can find out more in our kids classes section.


No booking required

Take your child climbing at TCA

You can supervise your children (of any age) in our kids’ specific climbing area. There is no need to book. Simply turn up and go climbing. Please note that over 8s are allowed to climb in our main climbing area but must be supervised.

Each adult can bring up to 2 children.

Plan your visit

You can take your children climbing any day of the week. While the rest of the centre may get busy on weeknight evenings, the kids’ area tends to be very quiet. It is also quiet midweek during the day.

PLEASE NOTE: If the kids wall is too full or reserved for a group you may need to wait for access. This will rarely be for more than 1 hour.


Online forms


Safety is very important. All individuals using the climbing centre must complete appropriate forms to ensure that they understand the risks. To save time at reception, please read our policies and complete Adult Registration Form and Child Registration Form before you come to TCA. Completing this in advance will make your visit to our centre, with young children, much smoother.


Stay and climb

Cost for under 16s

Entry fees for under 16s are a flat rate of £7 peak and £6 off-peak to climb for as long as you want.
Mon-Fri: 7am – 10pm (peak entry: 3pm – 8pm)
Sat-Sun: 8am – 8pm (peak entry: 8am – 3pm)


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