White Angles


To speed up your visit to The Newsroom it is now possible to complete some of our membership forms online before you arrive.

STEP 1 – Read policies

Before you begin, please read the following forms.
Read our Conditions of Use by clicking here.
Read our Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Note that unless you are well experienced, you will be asked to watch our short safety video when you arrive before being allowed to climb.

STEP 2 – Complete registration form A

You can complete your membership registration form online. Please note that any completed forms will expire after 30 days unless they are processed at a TCA climbing centre. We will only process forms relating to people who present to our reception in person and only once they have either watched our safety video, or demonstrate sufficient prior experience to our staff. All customers must at a very minimum complete Form A.

Customer Registration (Form A): For anyone wishing to climb or supervise

STEP 3 – Complete unsupervised bouldering form

Unsupervised youth access is only available under strict conditions, please only complete this form if directed to do so by a TCA member of staff. If in any doubt please ask a member of staff at reception.

Unsupervised Bouldering (Form B): To be completed by those over 16 wishing to boulder unsupervised or for those supervising this activity (includes safety video, the form will commence at the end of the video).