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White Angles

Find the latest updates from TCA setting teams.


Setting schedules

Maximise time working on your projects and keep abreast of future re-sets by checking the schedules below. 

View Southwest schedules for The Mothership, The Church and The Arc
View Glasgow schedules for The Newsroom and The Prop Store


Setting maps

View set-by-area maps for The Mothership in Bristol: Upstairs @ MS and Downstairs at MS
View set-by-area maps for Glasgow centres: The Newsroom and The Prop Store.



To see suggested bouldering grades, use the Griptonite app in The Mothership, The Newsroom, The Prop Store and The Arc. Elsewhere grade suggestions will be marked on walls. We also have setting news boards in centres for info on comps and other changeable circuits etc. 




We’d love to hear your feedback. Complete the form below to help us understand your climbing experience and to help us improve.

Submit Southwest setting feedback
Submit Glasgow setting feedback 


Training apps

If you want to get more from your climbing session or create some structure to your visits, there are a number of apps that are compatible with TCA. The Grippy app provides workouts from top coaches and the Crimpd app has 200+ climbing specific workouts. 

In Scotland you can log climbs, share beta videos and track progress with the Griptonite app. The Stōkd app is packed with ideas for using the woody and Moon Climbing’s MoonBoard app gives users access to 1000s of MoonBoard problems. In Bristol we also have our own digital training board. Use the iPad beside the wall to find problems.


Current used in The Newsroom, The Prop Store. The Mothership and The Arc.


Can be used in any centre


Can be used in any centre


Available for use on the woody in The Mothership and The Newsroom


Available for use on Moonboards in The Mothership and The Newsroom


Personal Coaching

Whether you need some help getting confident with the basics or are looking for a training plan to help you reach your climbing goals, our instructors can help. You can book personal coaching by the hour at all TCA centre. Even 1 or 2 sessions could help you to improve technique. Speak to staff in your local centre or click below for more info.

Find out more about coaching options