How to climb better

Having spent the bulk of a year away from climbing, many of us may have unwittingly been affected by skill fade. After such an extended break, most people will benefit from a quick refresher for skills and confidence or maybe you are ready to work on some specific goals.

Whether you are climbing for fun or with serious goals in mind, learning new skills, growing in confidence and progressing will help you to feel happier and more fulfilled. TCA offers a number of coaching options for climbers of all levels to help you climb better. Our coaching options are delivered on bouldering walls but the principles of climbing better are applicable for boulderers and roped climbers.


Get back on track

Learn and improve

As you progress through grades you will be able to tackle more climbs, opening up lots of opportunities. It can be easy to feel like you have reached your physical limit, when in fact you may be capable of a lot more, with the right pointers.

Read below to find a coaching option that suits you. Coronavirus restrictions will affect our coaching schedules, but you can enquire now to make sure you are top of our list to get a session.


Movement and Technique courses

May be affected by Covid restrictions

Run over 2 x 90min sessions, our empowering Movement and Technique course explores the fundamentals, helping you to master the art of effortless climbing. From simple strategies for less tiring and more effective body position to precise footwork, our coaches will let you in on the secrets that will unlock the more difficult moves. Ordinarily, we offer 2 levels of Movement and Technique, although Covid-19 restrictions may affect whether or not the 2nd level can run.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Newer climbers who would like some tips on how to progress.

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Lattice assessments

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You’ve probably seen the Lattice Board but may not know how it is used. Don’t be afraid to pull on and try some moves. Look for numbers that will help you move across the board, or try your own route. There is science behind the criss-crossed board. If you book a Lattice Assessment, our expert coaches will take you through a set of prescribed climbing exercises that will be analysed to assess your current level of climbing and identify the key areas for you to work on. You can read more about how it works or contact our coaches to have a chat.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Climbers at any level who want to be more strategic with their training.

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Personal coaching

Enquire now – perfect for a quick refresh to rebuild skills and confidence

You may prefer to be coached in a one-on-one environment or perhaps you have completed Movement and Technique and the Lattice Assessment, and want to know what to do next. Whether you just want some extra support or a training plan to help you hit that target grade, our talented coaches are ready to share their expertise with you. For many, we need accountability to make us stick with something. By scheduling regular or even periodic sessions with our coaches you will create momentum in your climbing journey. Sessions are customisable to your needs.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Climbers at any level.

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Gifts for climbers

TCA gift vouchers can be redeemed on coaching sessions, entry and cafe purchases, amongst other things. An easy solution if you need a present for a climber.


All of our courses are run in line with government and industry guidelines for safe climbing. Please follow local guidelines for face-coverings and distancing.