Personal Coaching

White Angles

Benefit from the experience of one of our coaches to help improve your fitness, technique, goal setting and more. These sessions are carried out in a relaxed and friendly way, enabling you to make tangible progress in your climbing.

Specific topics can be worked on by request or let us spot and help develop your weaker areas. The coach will be in touch with you before the session to assess your experience and aspirations and will follow up with a review and any further pointers.

If you want multiple coaching sessions or to develop a training plan, our performance climbers can help you with this. Just email, letting us know something of what you want and someone will be in touch to discuss it further.

Duration: 60 mins
Cost: £30 per instructor per hr + £8 pp
Date: bookings by email request at a time to suit, 7 days notice minimum needed
To book, please contact

We also host fixed Private Coaching sessions every Monday from 5.45pm – 6.45pm. These are great value for money and save you 35% on our normal private coaching sessions. Find out more or book a pace via the widget below.