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Paraclimbing Social

White Angles

Improving Access

Paraclimbing Social Sessions

In collaboration with the UK Paraclimbing Collective, we host paraclimbing social sessions aimed at increasing accessibility within our sport and providing a space for paraclimbers to meet up and experience climbing together. Check calendar below for the next available session. This is completely free for pre-paid pass-holders and standard entry price for non-pass-holders. All participants get free shoe hire.

Use widget below to secure your spot.

Coming for the first time? DM @uk.paraclimbing.collective on Instagram or speak to James Rudge on arrival (before signing in) to get a code for 50% off entry.


£ members of the Paraclimbing Social stand side-by-side smiling at the camera. Either side of this we see images of two members bouldering


Fri 2 August

Paraclimbing Fun Comp 

At our social on Fri 2 August we will be giving attendees the opportunity to try some "Para-friendly" boulder problems.

There will be prizes and scorecards but the evening itself will run as our regular social. Use the widget below to book or just turn up - we'd love to welcome you. This is the first round in a series of 3 relaxed, fun comps: Round 2 – 16 Aug at Frome Boulder Rooms and Round 3 – 13 September at Redpoint Climbing Centre (inc. roped routes).

James Rudge

UK Paraclimbing Collective

The UK Paraclimbing Collective is a charity set up and run entirely voluntarily by a group of paraclimbers who feel passionate about improving access to rock climbing. Whether we have a mental or physical health condition, a learning disability, sensory difference, neurodivergent, or another disability or condition, we want to show that climbing is for everybody.

Our goal is to bring the wonderful world of paraclimbing to as many people as possible, in a fun, safe, accepting, inclusive and disability-aware space.  We aim to break down some of the barriers that exist for disabled people in accessing our sport, whether that be practical, financial, social, or anything else.

James Rudge (seen on the right above) is a local climbing coach and GB paraclimber that is passionate about inclusion in the community. He will facilitate monthly bouldering sessions that will provide a safe space for people of all abilities. 

James has seen the benefits of climbing with others with adaptive or inclusive needs. He wants to provide a safe space, where people’s needs are prioritised, for climbers in Bristol.