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Refugees Rock

White Angles

Refugees Rock is a free group climbing session hosted by The Climbing Academy in collaboration with Borderlands and the British Red Cross. Every 2nd Thursday at The Mothership, groups of refugees and people seeking asylum are invited to climb for free alongside our coaches, the charity staff, and “Boulder Buddies” (volunteers from within the TCA community).

Learn more about the sessions below and discover how you can get involved.


What is the Refugees Rock Climbing Club?

Refugees Rock is a free climbing club for people fleeing war, persecution, and exploitation. Founded by Borderlands, The British Red Cross and The Climbing Hangar in Liverpool in 2021, we have now grown across a network of walls in the UK to bring people from all backgrounds together to have fun in an inclusive community, build relationships based on trust and gain a sense of belonging. Newcomers to the UK are invited to climb for free alongside climbing coaches and volunteers from the TCA community… then grab free coffees and hang out together in a relaxed, welcoming setting.


Why does the group exist?

Few of us are aware of just how tough life has been for people seeking protection in the UK and the arduous journeys they make to find sanctuary here. Then there is the waiting on a decision from the Home Office on whether or not they are allowed to stay here. With an allowance of around £6 per day and no permission to work it is near impossible to maintain any quality of life at all, so much so that physical exercise and mental wellbeing become incredibly difficult to take care of.

Knowing the benefits of climbing as we do at The Climbing Academy, our mission is to make the benefits of indoor climbing available to as many people as possible; that’s why we’re working on Refugees Rock.

Being part of a local community group can be life-changing for asylum seekers and refugees. It provides a sense of belonging, support, and connection that is so important for those who have been through difficult experiences. Through climbing, we’re creating a space where everyone is welcome, and where we can all learn from each other.


How can you help?

There are various ways for TCA customers to support Refugees Rock. Participants of Refugees Rock sessions will receive free entry but if you’d like to support this project, you can donate money to help pay for bus passes to help refugees access the centre – see donation buckets in The Mothership – but that’s not all.

Customers can also volunteer to attend as a “boulder buddy”. There’s no need to be a qualified coach. You’re simply there to have some fun, hang out with new friends and help TCA to provide a warm welcome to participants. 

Sessions will start on Thu 29 February 2024 and will run every 2nd Thursday at The Mothership, from 12-1pm (with time set aside afterwards for teas/coffees):

29 Feb
14 Mar
28 Mar
11 Apr
25 Apr
9 May

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Contact us

Register your interest or find out more by contacting Jon or Katie below. 

To be a Boulder Buddy – please contact
To participate as a refugee or asylum seeker contact