Ages 7-15

White Angles

For those aged 7-15, our Boulder Club is a great way for young people to start climbing.

As part of the National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme (NIBAS), Boulder club is laid-out in a 5 levels that starts with safe and simple bouldering and moves all the way up to high performance climbing. Each level will take the youngster a little longer to complete than the previous one as it builds skills, knowledge, confidence and performance.

Registration with the scheme costs £6.00 and includes the candidate’s logbook. This is done when the child starts their Level 1.

If your child is coming to Boulder Club for the first time, we’d advise that you arrive 20 minutes earlier to watch our safety video and complete a registration form. You can make this more efficient by completing the form online here.

NIBAS is the perfect structure to lead young boulderers as they develop but is also great for DofE and other awards.

Please note that 16 and 17 year olds may attend Boulder Club, but they can also access the centre unsupervised at other times, so may prefer to do that.

2019-20 Term Dates and Bookings live dates