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White Angles


Keep fit the fun way

Climbing is great full-body exercise for everyone from complete beginners to elite athletes; it’s sociable, mindful, creative and endlessly fun. You can make your climbing session as easy or as tough as you want, depending on how you feel or what your goals are. Give it a go, you’ll probably get hooked.



Bouldering for beginners

Bouldering is low-level climbing over mats.  You do not need to do a course to start bouldering and you do not need to book for drop-in climbing. You can save time before you visit by completing forms online before you visit. The forms include a safety video that tells you everything you need to know to start bouldering.

Under 16s must be supervised by a registered adult. Each adult can supervise up to 2 others per visit.



After you have tried it a couple of times, you can book a Movement and Technique course.

Check out our youth section for activities for young ones