Griptonite app launched in TCA Glasgow

We have launched a new system for tracking climbs and logging your progress in Glasgow centres.


Griptonite at TCA

Griptonite is a powerful and fun free app which you can use to log climbs in our centres. By simply scanning the tag at the start of each route or problem, climbers can use the app privately to track progress from attempts and successful climbs to the types of moves you are deploying or the angle of wall you favour. While the more competitive among you can get to work on leaderboard domination, as you compare progress with friends, the TCA community as a whole or users of the app more widely.

With Coronavirus hampering our usual competitions, this will provide great motivation for those who enjoy pushing themselves. Griptonite is live now on all circuits at The Newsroom and The Prop Store, as well as roped climbs in Maryhill.

Look for the tag at the start of each climb. Scan or just hold your phone near to register an attempt.


Get the app

Download the app now from The Apple App Store or Google Play.

Using the app in centres

Use of the app requires use of your phone on the mats, as you scan codes at the start of each climb. Please note that hard objects are strictly not allowed on the mats and belongings must not be left on tables or chairs. You must therefore ensure that your phone is concealed in a place that will not cause injury to yourself or others. Please ask others to move their phones if left on mats.

Take the app with you

Once you have the app you can search for other participating walls and log climbs there too – assuming Covid restrictions let you travel there.


Get to know Griptonite


Monitor the what, how and when. Each climb is tracked in your logbook alongside if you flashed (got it first go) or red-pointed (had to work it).


Learn to work your weakness! Griptonite makes it blindingly obvious what types of climbs you love and which you avoid.


Track your grade in real-time and see how you stack up against similar climbers – if that’s your thing.


Got a competitive streak? Your score can be used to see where you sit in our global or local leaderboards.


If you have any feedback or suggestions for the app developer, please email

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