Holiday Sessions

White Angles

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Half-term climbing sessions in Maryhill.

Climbing is a great way to get kids active and to improve their problem-solving skills and confidence. This October, we are running holiday climbing sessions for those aged 6 to 13 years. Have fun and try bouldering and roped climbing in the company of our experienced instructors.

All sessions happen at The Prop Store in Maryhill and require no prior experience. We recommend booking in advance to secure your spot. Just select the session (or sessions) you want to attend and complete the booking widget below. Lunch and snack options available.

See The Newsroom for kids half-term bouldering sessions at our Kinning Park centre.

Food options

Please note, unfortunately we cannot cater to any allergens for our pre-paid lunch and snack packages.

LUNCH (8-13 years only)

£6.50 per child. This package includes:
1 x portion of Margherita Pizza
1 x Cawston Press Juice Carton
1x Tunnock’s caramel wafer
1 x Fruit Roll (Bear YoYos)

Vegan pizzas are available on request as a substitute. (Contact


£2 per child. This package includes:
1 x Cawston Press Juice Carton
1 x Fruit Roll (Bear YoYos)