Climbing Squad

White Angles

The Bristol Climbing Team comprises of 30 members aged 8-17 years old, who have been selected to represent The Climbing Academy (TCA) at local and national climbing competitions. They are chosen because they have a level of competence and ability above that normally found in young climbers of their age. They receive regular coaching sessions from TCA coaching staff with the aim being to develop their passion for climbing in a structured and fun way.

There is a very busy competition calendar that includes events such as the British Mountaineering Councils ‘Youth Climbing Series’ (BMC YCS), Blokfest and the Junior British Bouldering Championships and the Climbing Works International Festival. TCA coaches kindly transport and supervise the children to these events. This year B.C.T had 4 talented climbers go through to the final of the BMCYCs, a two-day event held in Sheffield. Here they competed against the best of the best in UK competition climbing, with 1 Squad member placing in the top 10 and the other three being just outside!

Although competitions are great fun and are a clear and tangible way to demonstrate the abilities of our athletes, they are just a small part of bouldering and climbing. We want the team to experience all aspects of the sport, so members are regularly taken to some of the UK’s top outdoor climbing and bouldering locations.

This year the annual Summer Squad trip was held in the Peak District, where the Squad members got two days to tackle as many gritstone boulders as possible! This year the crags of choice were Robin Hood’s Stride, Curbar Edge and Cratcliffe.

TCA and Ellis Brigham sponsor the team. With our wealth of experience, the aim is to produce communities of gifted climbers, whose lifelong participation will help to shape the sport for years to come.

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our talented coaching team (L-R)…


Founder of the BCT Squad
Though Sam likes climbing, he is often found tearing up the roads around Bristol on his bike, despite having a few recent accidents!

Deep Water Solo extraordinaire
Matt has coached the Squad for many years now. He is particularly useful at providing beta for the children as he is quite often the same height as them!

Head Coach
Though Roz can often be found training at TCA, her goals are mostly outdoors based. Want to know the beta on some chossy route in Cheddar? Ask her, chances are she has done it. Roz has redpointed 8c and bouldered 8A, she is also in the Senior GB Climbing Team.

Head route-setter 
Alex enjoys coaching as much as he enjoys really run-out sport climbing in Spain! Jack of all trades – Alex loves bouldering, sport, trad and ice climbing!

Lank- extraordinaire and Aspirant Coach
Colum is relatively new the coaching team at The Church but his constant enthusiasm – and the ability to reach through any crux – make him a valuable member of the team.

To find out more about our climbing squad, please email Roz (yes the email is “Rhos!”).