White Angles

To speed up your visit to The Church it is now possible to complete some of our membership forms online before you arrive.

Before you begin: Important Information Regarding Online Registration Forms.

Read our Conditions of Use by clicking here.

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Note: where required you will be asked to prove competency when you arrive before being allowed to climb.

These online membership forms will expire after 30 days unless they are processed at a TCA climbing centre. We will only process forms relating to people who present to our reception in person and only once they have demonstrated sufficient prior experience to our staff.

Please choose the correct form based on the descriptions below and if in any doubt please ask a member of staff first. Youth Parental consent access is only available under strict conditions, please only choose this option if directed to do so by a TCA member of staff.

Adult Unsupervised Climbing Lifetime: For all new customers over 18 years of age – Competency test on site will apply

Adult Bouldering and supervised climbing – For all new customers over 18 years of age who are new to climbing and will be supervised by an TCA Adult member or will boulder only

Youth Supervised Parental Consent – Parental consent for Under 18s Supervised by a TCA (The Church) Instructor (e.g Rockhoppers/Youth Xtreme etc) or any Adult member