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Youth beginners

White Angles

There are loads of easy ways to start climbing with kids.

You can drop-in and climb together as a family or explore our Youth pages to find out more about courses for each age-group. We run regular term-time classes, holiday sessions and climbing clubs for young adults at The Prop Store. We offer additional classes for youth at The Newsroom in Kinning Park, as well as Tiny Academy for parents and toddlers.




Bouldering is low-level climbing over mats.  You do not need to do a course to start bouldering and you do not need to book for drop-in climbing. You can save time before you visit by completing forms online before you visit. The forms include a safety video that tells you everything you need to know to start bouldering.

Under 16s must be supervised by a registered adult. Each adult can supervise up to 2 others per visit.  You can boulder at both Glasgow centres. There is a kids-specific climbing area at The Newsroom which has climbs set for little people and a popular mini-slide.




Roped Climbing

When auto belaying or roped climbing under 18s must be supervised by a registered adult – who has been signed off to rope climb.  Each adult can supervise up to 2 others per visit. Our weekly term-time kids classes offer a structured format through which kids can learn everything they need to know about roped climbing.