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Personal Coaching

White Angles

Do you want to improve your technique and overall fitness? Do you have climbing goals in mind or do you just want to feel more confident? We offer 4 different pre-planned physical training sessions – which can be booked individually – or you could book a bespoke session with a personal training coach. Our courses offer is a highly effective and fun way to make tangible progress in your climbing.


Choose from 4 different targeted

Physical training sessions

Rock climbing and bouldering requires a unique combination of power for explosive movements, endurance to sustain you through long climbs, and a stable core to help you climb better and more efficiently. We have created a brand new series of coaching sessions designed to help you get the most out of your body and unlock your climbing potential. Book via the widget at the bottom of this page.

1. Endurance Session

Endurance is extremely important for any rock climber as it will help your body sustain a high level of output while moving up the wall, it will also help you recover at rests along a route. Any good climber has a good base endurance, it means you are less prone to injury and can have longer days at the crag. This workshop aims to teach you the importance of endurance climbing, how to effectively train in and most importantly, when to train it!

2. Power- endurance Session

If you would like to push your sport climbing grade, or increase your bouldering grade then correctly training your power endurance will help you get to the next level. It will help you through sustained long cruxy sections on sport routes. Or stop you powering out towards the end of boulder problems. This course helps you understand the intricacies of power endurance and how to correctly train it.

3. Core and conditioning session

A strong core and good base strength should be a feature of any successful climbers weekly workout. Do you find it hard to keep your feet on the wall, especially on steep ground? Do you find overhanging walls hard? It is likely that your core and general body conditioning is letting you down. That means this is the perfect course for you! A strong core will stabilize and support your body, general conditioning will make you less prone to injury and increase your pulling power. 

4. Power session

Though having excellent technique will help you climb hard, there will become a point especially in bouldering when you need more power to complete a move. Power is also important in sport climbing as the stronger you are, the easier you will find the moves on the routes. This workshop looks to develop different ways in which you can train power effectively and safely.


Personalised training

Private coaching

Climbers of any ability can book personal coaching. We can work with you to identify areas for improvement, delve deep on specific topics or just share our psych for climbing and endless tips for improvement that we have gained through years of climbing and coaching. Our experienced coach will be in touch with you before the session to assess your level and aspirations. We will follow this up with a review and any further pointers.

You can book a pre-allocated 1.5hr slot using the booking widget below or enquire about bespoke sessions. We are happy to deliver single sessions or a series of sessions depending on your needs.  We can fit around your timetable and help you develop a training plan or even just provide ideas for fun climbing sessions.  Just email us to discuss it further.

Cost: £75 + entry (1:1), £90 + entry (1:2)
Participants: We can coach 1:1 or 1:2
Date: See below for availability or email us to request another time, 7 days notice minimum needed

To book, please contact


More ways to improve your climbing

You may also be interested in improving your movement on the wall. We have our tried and tested Movement and Technique courses for newer climbers, available Thursdays at The Newsroom.

Looking for a great present for a climber? You can buy TCA vouchers which are redeemable on any of our courses or training.