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Lead climbing courses

White Angles

There are lots of ways to learn the ropes at TCA

View our Beginners’ Course page if you have never rope climbed before and would like to learn how to top-rope.

Beginners’ Course


Learn to lead climb

Private indoor lead courses are available on request for 2-4 adults. This is for competent top-rope climbers. The small class size reflects the more advanced nature of the skills being taught. As part of the course, you will receive advice on equipment (inc. ropes and belay devices).  This course does not include outdoor skills such as equipping and stripping routes. If you have never roped climbed before, then please consider the Roped Beginner Course below.

The course is £60 per person plus you can opt to add a month of unlimited climbing for just £25 to help you consolidate skills after the course.


Email with your booking enquiry. Please provide a month’s notice (if possible).

Please note: The course assumes participants have no previous indoor lead climbing experience and will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to become competent indoor lead climbers. Typically, this runs over 2 weeks (2x2hr sessions). Participants MUST be able to attend both of the scheduled dates.


Refresher lead course

This session is aimed at competent lead climbers who have had a break from lead climbing and need to brush up on their belay and knot-tying skills.

Sessions will last 1hr and cost £45 for two participants + entry fee.


Email with your booking enquiry. Please provide a month’s notice (if possible).

Please note: Participants must be aged 18yrs+. Due to the nature of roped climbing bookings can only be taken in pairs for these sessions. Once the session is completed, your instructor may advise you to seek further training. 


Auto belay

Auto belays are simple automated systems that allow a climber to climb on routes, on their own, without the need for a belayer, rope or belay device. We run auto belay inductions on request at The Prop Store. Please enquire with staff at the reception desk or by phone 0141 429 6331. Learn important rules for using the auto belay systems safely and gain experience in the company of a skilled instructor. Any pre-bookable auto-belay sessions will be added to the widget below.