Our Centre

White Angles

The Prop Store is now open – and we think it complements The Newsroom perfectly. Before we moved in, the building was used by the BBC to house all the bits and pieces you’d see on their programmes – hence the name.

The bouldering walls are now complete and are open to the public. With creative shapes, angles and Glasgow first top-out boulder, it offers climbers of all abilities a unique space to train, socialise and develop their skills. We’re also currently constructing a top rope and auto-belay area, as well as a training mezzanine. Once these areas are complete, it’s really going to have everything you need.

The Prop Store is located on an industrial estate 100m off the Maryhill Road in NW Glasgow and is right next to the canal. Access by public transport is easy and the site has plenty of free car parking spaces. We also have a bike parking area so whichever way you want to travel we can cater for you.

Getting started climbing is really easy and it’s great way to exercise in a sociable environment. Read our New Climbers page and we’ll see you there.