New Climbers

White Angles

The easiest way to start climbing

Starting bouldering could not be simpler. Just turn up at our centre, watch an 8 min induction video, fill out some forms and you are good to go! You can hire shoes at reception. We have climbs and angles to suit all abilities. You DO NOT need to be strong to start climbing. That comes with time! If you would like to watch the induction video and complete the form prior to arrival, head here.

If you’re an experienced and competent climber, just turn up at one of our centres and complete our membership form. Once you are a member of one TCA centre, you are a member of all. If you opt for a pre-paid pass (rather than pay-per-visit) your pass is valid in all of our centres. You must complete the appropriate paperwork for the type of climbing that you are doing.

Keep fit, the fun way

Climbing is great full-body exercise; it’s sociable, mindful, creative and endlessly fun. You can make your climbing session as easy or as tough as you want, depending on how you feel or what your goals are. Give it a go, you’ll probably get hooked.

Check out our Movement and Technique course if you’d like some tips.