New Climbers

White Angles

If you’re an experienced and competent climber, just turn up at one of our centres, complete our membership form and you’ll be a full member of The Climbing Academy. This means that you will not have to pay to join our other centres, and, if you’re a pre-paid member (rather than pay as you climb) your membership is valid in all centres which means you can just get on with climbing.

If you want to join as a bouldering only member, we’ll just ask you to watch a safety video that lasts 8 mins, complete a form and then you’ll be climbing – you won’t have to complete any introduction sessions! If you would like to watch the induction video and complete the form prior to arrival, head here.

Climbing is great exercise; it’s sociable, creative and uses your entire body. Give it a go, you’ll probably get hooked.