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White Angles

More information about The Arc skatepark.

The skatepark is a free unsupervised facility. Users skate there at their own risk.

Skatepark designers - CANVAS 

CANVAS designed and constructed the skatepark at The Arc. Their design team is made up of professionally qualified concrete skatepark designers with many years’ experience both in skatepark design and use. In conjunction with local steering groups, CANVAS has designed some of the best skateparks in the UK to date. Indoor skateparks, outdoor skateparks and isolated public-space features all form part of CANVAS’ expertise.

The skatepark at The Arc was planned in conjunction with the local community, CBLC and Wiltshire Council.  TCA has a lease to run the climbing centre on behalf of CBLC.

Our community

Community is important to us. That includes the community of centre users and the local community. We want everyone to have a positive experience at The Arc and ask that all centre users respect each other and the facilities provided. Please try to minimise noise when arriving at The Arc.

Opening hours

General opening times Mon-Sun: centre opening time until sunset (subject to variations).

The Wiltshire Council Planning Committee mandated that the skatepark will not be open before 8am, after 8pm or after dark (which will be much earlier at certain times of year).

Access will be in line with the climbing centre opening times. If the centre’s opening times vary, for any reason, this will affect access to the skatepark.

Age limits

There is no age limit in operation in the skatepark as this is an unsupervised facility.

Learn to skate

If you would like to learn to skate our friend and pro-skater Sox (who you might have seen at the Arc Jam) offers lessons via his website Skateboard Lessons Bristol. He operates out of varied locations across Bristol, Bath and South Wales. Visit the wonderful Burts Boards Chippenham if you need gear.

Unsupervised skating

Although the skatepark is located within The Arc climbing centre complex it is unsupervised and not monitored. Users skate here at their own risk. TCA staff will open and close access gates and will conduct a check in the morning when opening the park and in the evening when closing it. No other safety checks will be made unless a member of public raises concern to a member of staff.

We reserve the right to close the park if we become aware that it is unsafe for whatever reason. If it is due to broken glass or something that can be quickly remedied we will react to this. Where it requires specialist work then site owners CBLC and a contractor will be responsible for getting it fixed and returned to a state that it is considered safe to reopen.

Refer to the sign below – which is displayed at the skatepark entrance – for complete rules.


The rules

This is an extreme sports facility. It is for skateboards, inline skates, BMX bikes and scooters only. It is not a playground. Please respect the skatepark and other users. Stay safe and enjoy this facility.

Conditions of use and advice for beginners:

  • All persons use this facility at their own risk
  • The use of unsuitable equipment such as traditional road bikes, motorised sports equipment and toy scooters is not permitted
  • Use of protective equipment such as a helmet and knee pads etc. is recommended
  • Do not use the skatepark in wet, icy or snowy conditions
  • The riding area is to be kept clear, do not sit on the riding area or the ramps
  • Pay attention to other users, know your limits and work within them

This skatepark is an unsupervised facility and it is to be used for its intended purpose only. The Climbing Academy and its employees do not accept responsibility or liability for any claim, loss or damage whatsoever which may result from the use of this facility. This equipment is inspected for safety on a regular basis. To report damage, contact The Climbing Academy reception or email who will notify CBLC and Canvas.

  • Protective clothing is advised
  • Be aware of what is happening around you
  • Use litter bins provided
  • No smoking
  • No dogs
  • No glass or alcohol
  • Don’t use in wet or icy conditions
  • No motorised vehicles

In case of emergency dial 999 and give the address:
The Arc at Westmead Playing Fields, Westmead Lane, Chippenham, SN15 3HZ
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