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Auto belays

White Angles

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Auto belays are automated systems that allow a climber to ascend a roped climbing line without the need for a climbing partner to belay. The climber attaches to a strong tape that retracts as they climb. It lowers them gently and safely if they fall or when they finish climbing.



In line with recommendations from the Association of British Climbing Walls all roped climbers will be given an auto belay induction, even if they don’t initially intend to use them.

Competent roped climbers will receive a 5 min overview.
New climbers will be given a 15 min induction.

Adults (18+) can supervise up to two kids on auto belays. The supervising adult must also complete the induction and remain present with the climbers.


It could happen to anyone

Preventing accidents

Experienced climbers are more likely to forget to clip as they are more comfortable climbing on the wall. A simple distraction could lead to an accident. Watch our interview with a climber who forgot to clip and fell. Awareness is key to avoiding accidents.


Stay safe


All auto belay climbers must adhere to the following rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave the area by a member of TCA staff. If you are supervising other climbers you are responsible for them also adhering to these rules.

  • BEFORE use complete the auto belay form.
  • ONLY use the auto belay if you are within the weight range 10kg to 150kg.
  • Helmets must NOT be worn.
  • Loose clothing must NOT be worn.
  • NEVER retrieve a fully retracted belay tape.
  • BEFORE climbing always perform a belay tape retraction test.
  • ALWAYS check the auto belay is correctly attached.
  • Help buddy check all other users in the auto belay area to ensure everyone is climbing safely.
  • BEFORE descending check the landing area is clear.
  • ONLY climb using the designated auto belay climbing lines.
  • Do NOT touch the device when at the top of the wall.
  • Do NOT dyno or climb faster than the tape retracts.
  • Do NOT monopolise the line
  • Please report any concerns to TCA staff

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