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Staying safe at TCA

We want to talk about safety. It may not be a sexy topic but it’s one of our biggest priorities. Almost all of us experienced a significant break from climbing during the Covid-19 pandemic and as a result will have experienced skill fade.


Take our QUIZ

How safe is climbing?

We record accident data at all centres to help us keep an eye on trends and issues. Do you think you understand the risks and know TCA pretty well? Take our quiz based on TCA accident stats. 



Staff are here for you

After lockdowns our staff have to intervene more often to make sure you are safe. This isn’t personal. Interventions prevent injury and may save you a trip to A&E or 6 months of rehab. Rewatch our bouldering safety video to make sure you are familiar with the basics. Avoid doing the dangerous things flagged in this video and you will be fine. Ask at reception if you’d like to re-take the roped climbing test. Read the latest Covid-19 secure rules on climbing at TCA.

Ask for help

Don’t feel embarrassed about asking staff for some pointers. Maybe you want help checking that your harness is on right. Just ask staff and we’ll keep you right. We’d rather you talked to us than made a guess that might be costly.

Keep each other safe

As a community, we have a responsibility to look out for one another. If you see someone struggling or doing something dangerous in our centres, please let our staff know.


Our friends at Climb Scotland have created a series of great 1min videos busting some of the myths about climbing. Lots of these tips will help to keep you and your belayer safe. Watch the full playlist on YouTube.


Three ways to refresh your skills


1. Sign up for coaching

Get back on track

Our experienced coaches can work with you to get you back up to speed with confidence and skills or they can help you to develop a personal training plan. Session content is flexible and can be shaped to suit your needs. You can book 1 hour or a series of sessions. We hope to be able to deliver personal coaching and restart classes reasonably quickly after reopening. Find out more about coaching.


2. Free online discussions

The secrets of safer belaying

Rewatch our free online talk on “The secrets of safer belaying”. Learn about devices, find out if you are a good belayer, find out what ugly feedback is and get practical tips that will help to keep you and your partner safe.

Let’s go outside with Trev Massiah

If you are new to climbing outdoors or thinking about starting we have gathered some useful tips to help you stay safe and feel confident. You will also find a recommended kit list for different types of climbing, coaching options and a video of our online talk with Trev Massiah about starting to climb outside. Let’s go outside


3. Watch this video

Auto belay accidents

If you are planning to get onto auto belay whether you are an old pro or a newbie, make sure you have watched Sam talk about the day she forgot to clip. Simply being aware of this will help you to avoid making the same mistake.