Covid-safe rules for climbing at TCA

When we reopen in April, we will be following the same Covid-safe procedures that we had before lockdown. Even though vaccinations have rolled out for many, we require all climbers to follow these procedures. Doing so will hopefully get us back to normal sooner.

Follow the rules below and read the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.


What are the rules?


The rules below will be updated over time in accordance with government guidelines.

• Stay home if you have symptoms of Covid-19, or if anyone in your household has it – to help protect other members of our community and their extended family and friends.

• Sanitise your hands before, during and after climbing.
• Respect social distancing
• Check-in AND check-out (to help us monitor capacity)
• Avoid coughing into your hands, use your elbow if you must.
• Avoid touching your face
• Masks are mandatory except whilst off-the-ground climbing, exercising in the gym or eating/drinking in the cafe.

Climbing whilst wearing a mask is optional. Repeated issues with following rules may result in membership being revoked. Help us to minimise crowding at reception and in toilets or changing areas:

• Arrive ready to climb
• Use lockers. Do not leave belongings on chairs, tables or walkways

Buy entry in advance online (with a pass or punch card)
• Pay using contactless


Limited capacity

We are operating a reduced capacity, so you may need to queue on arrival if we are full (even if you have a pass). Check our online capacity tracker and/or come off-peak to avoid popular times.

Check-in / check-out

Our capacity tracker is only accurate if you check-in and check-out. So please make sure you do this every visit. You can do this by scanning a contactless TCA card. Please note that we can associate your membership with most scannable cards, so if you have a store card, for instance, we can use that. Just ask staff on your first visit.


Please follow government advice and only climb with your own household until restrictions ease. We hope to be able to re-introduce group activities in due course. Be courteous and make room for others to pass in narrow or busier sections.


Reduce queues at reception by using My TCA to manage your membership online. In My TCA you can change your details, ask membership questions and do things such as add a child onto your pass. For more on unfreezing memberships before you come back please read memberships and reopening.

Go contactless

Although we will still be accepting cash payments, contactless is preferred. You can put money onto a voucher, pre-pay for punch card visits or sign up to a regular monthly or pre-paid pass. All of these options will minimise contact at tills and help to reduce queues.

Arrive ready to climb

Where possible change before you come to TCA. Please bring minimal personal belongings into centres, put them in the lockers provided and avoid blocking walkways. Please try to use lockers only with sanitised hands.


You must sanitise your hands before using gym equipment.
You must clean any gym equipment you have touched using the wipes provided.

Be careful

While we know that you will be keen to push yourself after such a long break, prudent choices at the wall will avoid accidents and prolong your climbing. Please be mindful.

Any questions?

Please search our website for the answer to your question before heading to the reception or read our frequently asked questions. We will be updating an FAQs document over time and the answer may lie in there.

When we first reopen, not all facilities or services will be available. We will not be running groups (adult or children). We will run selected groups under the appropriate guidelines as soon as we possibly can and will provide notice of this to regular attenders.