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Covid-safe rules for climbing at TCA

Our Covid-safe rules for climbing at TCA evolve in line with government guidelines. We also regularly consult customers. 


Protecting our community

Community and inclusivity are at our core, which is why we ask you to be considerate when you visit our centres. Even if you are confident and no longer worried about Covid, please understand that others some others will be. 

Most importantly, stay home if you have symptoms of Covid-19, or if any of your close contacts have it. As with most businesses, as the rules change it will take us a little while to remove all Covid-era signage. Please be patient with this.




Refer to local government guidance for rules on face coverings.



In general we have removed the Covid-capacity limit but we will periodically reintroduce it during times of most concern.

By popular demand, the capacity tracker will remain on our website – this means you must continue to CHECK IN and CHECK OUT each visit. Your check ins feed our tracker. If you feel uncomfortable in crowds, review this when you are in climbing to see how it feels. Each climber will have their own preference or comfort level.



Around our centres

Where hand sanitiser has been provided, please use it before, during and after your session. We ask climbers to arrive ready to climb and to use lockers. Please do not block shared spaces (such as the pit in the Newsroom), so we can maximise space for other climbers. Buy online in advance or use contactless for payments. Please clean gym equipment before and after use.

As an extra assurance of safety when climbing; peer-reviewed research showed that “the amount of infectious virus was reduced by around 99% immediately upon contact with the chalky surfaces”. Find out more about the research into climbers chalk and coronavirus. This combined with our rules should make our climbing centres a safe space for you to exercise.



We have introduced C02 monitors which are an effective measure of ventilation. These track C02 in different places at different times, including peak usage. We will take additional measures if the quality is ever shown to fall below standard.  


Moving forward

These decisions will be reviewed regularly by management.



Playing your part

Thank you for everything you have done so far. Your feedback has been invaluable. We look forward to the day when we no longer feel that these measures are required. 

Although the chance of contracting Covid is lower once an individual has been vaccinated, it is not zero. Please get vaccinated and boosted (if you can). Our decisions aim to protect not just the vulnerable but as many in our community as possible and your compliance with centre rules is an important part of that. See FAQs for more detail.

By retaining simple measures we hope to prevent outbreaks, protecting staff and customers – allowing us to keep our doors open to keep you climbing.




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TCA CEO Rich Emerson talks through the changes (July 21)

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