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Let’s go outside

As part of a series we recorded in 2021 looking at climbing safety, we hosted a conversation about some of things you may not have thought about when starting to climb outside. Trev Massiah shared his wisdom to help you feel confident stepping out of the climbing centre and into the great outdoors.




You can watch the full 1hr seminar below. This conversation is not a comprehensive guide to climbing outside and does not replace formal coaching, but hopefully, it will draw to your attention some useful considerations for staying safe and doing the right thing.


“As a climber who has only climbed indoors so far this talk made me feel more confident and excited about joining my friends outdoors for the first time.”  Feedback from a viewer



When you climb indoors there are some things you never need to learn. Do you know how to safely thread anchors or ‘clean’ a route? Do you even know what that means? Have you bought the right quickdraws and rope for your planned adventure? Do you know the local beta?

You’re going to work your first outdoor route with an overhang. Have you thought about how you’ll get the draws back? There so many more things to think about when you’re climbing outdoors.

Climbing guide and coach Trev Massiah touches briefly on the fundamentals, shares insights and examples from his 30+ years of climbing. This event is most suited to newer climbers



Trevor Massiah (MIA) works as a climbing guide and coach in Costa Blanca, Thailand, Kalymnos and occasionally in the UK, Morocco, France and Italy. He holds the Mountain Instructor Award, is a level 3 BCU kayak coach and has been working in the outdoor industry since 1984. He began his climbing career in Pembrokeshire over 30 years ago and has since climbed all over the world exploring and developing new routes in India, China, Thailand, Western Australia and the Costa Blanca. His favourite crags are Pembroke, Taipan wall (Grampians) and the Needles (California).

Naturally being a strong climber, Trevor Massiah got away with focusing on his strength to climb hard routes. The last decade or so though, he has focused all his attention on understanding and coaching perfect climbing technique. As a consequence, despite being in his 50s he is still improving! It is his passion to analyse people’s climbing movement and help them improve their climbing technique, thereby bringing their climbing to the next level.

You can find out more about his climbing holiday and guiding company Rock and Sun and read articles about climbing safely outdoors on Trev’s blog.



There are climbing guides based all over the UK and the world who can be booked for extended or intensive coaching courses or, don’t forget, you could simply book a coach for a day or two to help get you set up for a safe and fulfilling trip. If you would like help finding a guide, please ask coaches in your nearest TCA centre.



How to safely complete your climb, retrieve draws and lower off.

How to choose and use quickdraws.



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