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Training and climbing technique tips from the master

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Cobra!

So you have always wanted to improve your climbing technique, but didn’t know where to start. TCA instructor Stu AKA Cobra delivers a brilliant series of training videos to get you to that next goal. Why not watch each video and take a night to test each of the techniques out at the wall? Or if you want to improve further, you can book a movement and technique course or even 1-on-1 coaching:

Coaching sessions and personal coaching are available at The Mothership.
Beginners’ courses and lead climbing courses are available at The Church.

Coaching sessions are available at The Newsroom and will be coming soon to The Prop Store.
You can book personal coaching at both The Newsroom and The Prop Store.

ANIMAL WALKS – Time to get those hips open

RESISTANCE BANDS – The best exercises to take with you anywhere

FOOTWORK – Climbing’s most neglected technique

EFFECTIVE MOVEMENT – Inspired training techniques to try on the wall.

CORE – You have to work to get results

FINGER BOARDING – Gently does it

TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING – Always wondered what they were for?

WEIGHTLIFTING – Simple exercises that help climbers

TOPPING OUT – stay safe people

MUSCLE-UPS – He’s just showing off now!

Thanks to Sam Scriven for producing Cobra Corner!