Straight to Lead

White Angles

Up for a challenge? If you’ve never rope climbed before and want to get straight into lead climbing, then this is the course for you.

So what is lead climbing? During lead climbing, the climber ascends a route and periodically clips their rope into attachment points or ‘quickdraws’ on the wall. Unlike top roping where the climber can only fall a short distance (approximately 1 metre), a lead climber will fall at least twice the distance to the most recently clipped quickdraw, making it a more adrenaline fuelled and high-intensity experience.

This course takes place over 3 sessions which each last for 2 hours. An instructor will lead this course at a ratio of 1:4, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for you to ask the instructor any questions you have and receive personal guidance. You must be able to attend all three sessions and complete them for the instructor to sign you off to climb alone; when you are signed off you’ll have full run of our climbing centre and its huge range of regularly changing lead routes.

Please be aware that this course is physically demanding and is only suited to those who regularly exercise and have a good level of fitness. It’s largely suited to those who are competent boulderers, however this course doesn’t require any prior climbing knowledge or experience.