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Stayin’ Alive

Following requests, you can now make small regular monthly payments to TCA.

Some members have decided to unfreeze their membership during shut-down in a gesture to help TCA pay overheads. Some others have made donations, by buying vouchers. But for some neither of these options worked. They could not afford the full monthly membership fee, but they did still want to give something regularly.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

It is not lost on us, that almost every business is in some way affected and at-risk due to coronavirus and the associated outbreak of COVID-19, so your support at this time is incredibly gratefully received. All contributions will be used to help prop the business up to increase the likelihood that we will be able to re-open all centres in due course. Government initiatives thus far just prolong the period before we run out of money, they do not provide a permanent safety net. We know you are all climbing the walls and itching to get back to climb our walls.


Set up a regular payment

You can set up a payment of £10 PER MONTH using the links below set up for Bristol and Glasgow. Please note that this is an optional payment specific to the coronavirus shut-down and does not entitle you to access to any of our centres. Obvs. You can set this up afresh even if you currently have an active or frozen membership. This will just feed to us as a membership change request.

BRISTOL – sign up
If you have any problems, please email Nina

GLASGOW – sign up
If you have any problems, please email Derry


Kick-start cash flow

  • You can pre-load visits by buying a punchcard in advance or vouchers (which can be used for entry amongst other things).
  • Buy a ticket to see Pretty Strong.
  • We had a request on Facebook to pay a different amount regularly. To do this, please go the My TCA section of our website, just let us know what amount you would like to set up (in the comments section) and we’ll process that as a one-off change. Just remember to stop it or to request that it goes back to normal when we reopen.


Help in other ways

For those of you struggling with bills, there are plenty of ways you can help TCA without spending any money.

  • Share this letter with your MP/MSP
  • Leave a review: If you think nice things about TCA, it would mean a lot of you could review us online. You can do this on Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor and no doubt many more channels. Positive reviews can help others to find us and will set us in good stead for re-opening.
  • Share your climbing story or art: We are gathering love letters to climbing, your musings about the sport we all love. Find out more and add your own.