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How you can help

We cannot say thank you enough to all the amazing people who have offered TCA support in light of our recent closure and uncertainty over the length of this crisis. Your kind words and gestures mean the world to us and our staff.

The survival of our business will depend very much on government action, the length of the closure and our ability to retain some income. We have received lots of messages about retaining membership payment, including this lovely example:

Hello good people at TCA, 
My husband and I have memberships...and have just seen the news that you guys are choosing to close the centres and freeze all memberships. It's the right decision to make, and I commend you for doing it. 

They continued…

Recently we were talking about what would happen if/when the centre closed and both agreed we wouldn't choose to suspend our memberships, because we are aware that the loss of income over the next few months could be really difficult for TCA and if we could help in our own small way by keeping our memberships open, we would. We are lucky to be in a financial position to do this, and I know others are not necessarily as fortunate, but I do think there will be more people in the climbing community who would voluntarily keep paying their membership fee if you decided to make it an option. 
Best of luck with all of this, stay safe.

If you feel that you would like to support TCA and help the company to stay afloat during this period, there are a number of things you can do.


*NEW* Write to your MP/MSP

Add your name to an open letter drafted by an informal consortium from the activities industry. Find out more.

*NEW* Set up a small monthly payment

You can now set up a payment of £10 per month. Find out more.

Unfreeze your membership

We froze all memberships when centres closed on 17 March, but you can now opt to unfreeze it on My TCA. Some people have already messaged us and asked to do this. This will mean that any pre-paid passes will expire on the previously arranged date and EFT billing will run as usual. You can opt-out of this again if you change your mind.

Buy a voucher / Make a donation

You can buy vouchers for any sum which can be redeemed on memberships, pay as you go entry, subscriptions, courses, and in our shop and cafe. Consider it an easy way to pre-pay for your future coffee and cake, or gifts for others. If you would rather not redeem your gift voucher, you can convert it into a donation by emailing us.

Buy a punchcard

Punchcards can be purchased in advance for 5 or 10 visits, which you can redeem (at any centre) when we reopen.
The MothershipThe Newsroom | The Church |  The Prop Store

Become a member

Believe it or not, we received a message from someone asking if they could join during this period. Our hearts melt!! Yes, you can. Just use the links below to sign up to your local centre. Once you are a member and once we reopen you can access all TCA centres.  The cheapest option (for new members only) is an introductory membership for £25. Unless you request a start date your membership will be active, but you can go to My TCA and immediately request a freeze.
The MothershipThe Newsroom | The Church |  The Prop Store

Become a corporate member

Amazingly, someone asked about this! If your company already exists as a corporate member, you can join immediately online. If you’d like to register a company email Nina in Bristol and Derry in Glasgow. Then your company will be added to the drop-down list on our sign-up pages, so others can join. Unless you request a start date your membership will be active, but you can go to My TCA and immediately request a freeze.

Leave us a review

If you think nice things about TCA, it would mean a lot of you could review us online. You can do this on Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor and no doubt many more channels. Positive reviews can help others to find us and will set us in good stead for re-opening.

Share your words and pics on climbing

We are gathering love letters to climbing, your musings about the sport we all love. Read submissions so far, find out more and add your own.

Treat yourself or buy a gift

**UPDATE: The shop is currently closed**
Our staff are working to get products listed online that were previously only sold in centres. Over time this will include: guidebooks, clothes and training aids – that will be useful for home workouts! Click to browse the TCA shop. Unless there is additional disruption to supply, purchases will be posted as normal.


Again thank you from everyone working at TCA!

CANCELLATION - If you would like to cancel your membership or get a refund for a booking, please see our standard terms and conditions.
T&Cs We are going to remove time limitations on redemption of vouchers and punchcards, so you can spread them over a longer period of time.