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How do I buy a punch card?

A TCA punch card is a scannable pre-paid visit.

Minimise interaction

Punch cards offer a non time-limited way to pre-purchase some visits. They provide contactless entry and help to minimise personal interaction with staff at reception and reduce queuing times.

If you have a pass, you do not need a punch card, but if you tend to pay-per-visit buying punch cards online will make the entry process smoother for everyone. They can be bought in batches of 5 or 10 visits. There is no time limit on the redemption period.

Contactless scan entry

On your first ask staff for a TCA card. We can also associate it with many existing scannable cards – such as a store card, making your life easier and giving you fewer pieces of plastic to carry.

Buy online

Choose your nearest centre and buy punch cards online. Although we ask you to choose your preferred centre, your punch cards can be used at any TCA centre.

The Mothership
The Newsroom
The Church
The Prop Store

Consider a pass

If you come frequently, you may wish to purchase a pass. You can use the links above to do this. You can buy 1 month or 1 year passes online or sign-up for regular monthly billing. Visit our prices page for information on costs. Off-peak and multi-month passes are currently only available at reception.


Ownership of a punch card or pass does not mean that you can queue-jump. Every climber must enter in the order they arrive.

Please familiarise yourself with our Covid-safe protocols.