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James Rudge climbing at TCA

We were about to publish this when we got the news that we’d be closing for a month. We hoped to encourage those who have not yet returned to climbing that Covid-19 regulations are being handled well at our centres. The safety of our staff and climbers is paramount to the survival of our business and to our ability to offer great climbing in Bristol. Rather than hold off for a month (or more) we are going to go ahead and publish it, while we wait patiently to get back to climbing.

Scroll down to see James lead climbing at The Church.



GB team paraclimber and TCA regular James Rudge shares his thoughts on climbing at TCA.

Heading back to climbing centres

“Like many, I had been eagerly awaiting the reopening of climbing walls in July. As a climber who competes with the GB Paraclimbing team I quickly discovered that there was only a limited amount of hang-boarding I could take and was really looking forward to actually climbing again.

Having climbed at both TCA’s centres following [the first] lockdown, I found the transition back into climbing to be smooth and well-handled. TCA’s climbing community have in general been very respectful towards the rules and common sense is being applied when walking around the centres.

Finding room

The live capacity checker has been a very successful addition, as not only does it help the centre stay within its capacity, but it also gives the climber an idea of the sort of session they can expect. If you are looking for a chilled session with not too many people, this can now be easily found [off peak is always quieter]. I am one of those people that regularly seems to forget their card but I am sure to check-out at reception when I do; so this new system hasn’t been an issue.

A welcoming space

I am a trustee of a local charity, Bristol Inclusive Thrill Seekers, who facilitate climbing sessions in Bristol for those with inclusive needs. We ran events with TCA in the past and have always found them to be very friendly and welcoming to all, this has certainly not changed since lockdown and the efforts to get everyone climbing again can be seen clearly.

Masks are now being used in socially distanced queues and throughout. It’s great to see the hand sanitisers being used regularly. Of course, it can be hard, when you see an old friend not to give them a fist pump or a hug, but I think everyone understands the situation we’re in and the climbing centre is no different.

Expanded facilities

The added space and extended opening hours in TCA have been a very welcome addition for me personally. Now with the spacious upstairs, complete with gym and workout area along with the window lighting and pumpy tunes it now makes for the perfect and complete place to train hard!”


Paraclimbing at TCA

New video – Lead climbing at The Church with one hand

James recently made a film at The Church about lead climbing and fall practice. If you need a dose a motivation – get a load of this. Click through to his channel to subscribe.

*This was filmed before our face-covering policy changed.


Second lockdown

TCA Bristol will be closed for the duration of England’s second lockdown – which we hope will only be 1 month. You can rest assured that our centres will continue to provide the very best level of safety and hygiene when we reopen. We hope you’ll join us for some climbing.

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