Women’s Night is back in Glasgow

TCA’s Women’s Night is an informal weekly club intended as a space to connect and be inspired by climbers of all abilities, and for anyone that may struggle to feel welcome in the gym. This event is for all cis and trans womens and non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of women.

Connect in

A welcoming space

Whether you’re a beginner or have been climbing for years, come along for a chance to meet others, exchange beta, and have fun. It’s a space where success at all levels is celebrated and not just on the hardest climbs.

Women’s Night will be running weekly in The Prop Store (only) in 2022. Meet in the cafe. 7-9pm every Wednesday.

Notes on


The Prop Store – Ground floor centre, approx. 1 ft step onto mats and bouldering arena, stairwell to training rooms upstairs.


TCA Staff

A great team

Sessions will be led by TCA staff (L-R) Natalie, Jay and Miriam.

Natalie (she/her) has worked for TCA for ten years and climbed for over 20yrs, across bouldering, trad and winter climbing. Mentoring others and having adventures are her motivations for climbing, alongside spending time with friends.

Jay (she/her) has worked at TCA for 3 years and climbed for 6 years, mostly bouldering but has a hand in climbing sport and trad, and a love for moving nicely. Learning from and climbing with other women has been essential in developing her confidence, skills and motivation in climbing, experiences she hopes to share with attendees.

Miriam (she/they) has been at TCA for 3 years and climbing for 6 years. They consider themself a trad-dad-in-training and are always looking for new friends to go on adventures with.

No additional


Attending Women’s Night has no additional cost. It is included within the price of entry. If you are new to TCA, you will need to register to climb by completing the relevant form – which you can do online before you visit.