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Visual-impaired climbing

Bath University is looking for young people (16-24 years) with vision impairment. They told us more:

Get involved

Are you a young person (16-24 years) with vision impairment and would you like to co-design research that can help identifying the barriers and enablers for these young people? Then come and join researchers from Bath University!

Our research study (Ethics reference number: 23078) funded by Guide Dogs is entitled ‘’Today and Tomorrow: living with vision impairment as a young person in the UK’’ and we are a team of researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath. Our aim is to work alongside these young people to understand the barriers and enablers that they experience in key transition periods of their lives.

We are looking for around 20 young people with vision impairment, aged between 16-24 years, to be part of our working group. These people could be based anywhere in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland). Those living far away can join the working group online and contribute through forum discussions. A payment of £100 will be provided to each young person in the working group. We can also cover travel expenses that do not exceed £100. We can pay for tickets in advance if preferred, use the contact details below to request this. As part of this community-based participatory research study we are running three fun events:

Fri 9 June 2023, 10am-1.15pm
at The Arc, Chippenham

Fri 23 June 2023, 10am-12.30pm
3D sound and touch virtual reality interactive workshop.
University of Cardiff

Fri 7 July 2023 10am-12.30pm
3D sound and touch virtual reality interactive workshop.
University of Bath


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There are 12 climbing spaces available for those aged 16-24 years who live in the UK. No experience is required. On the day, you may choose not to climb. You may also come just for a chat to find out more about this event and others being run by the University researchers. Organisers can cover your travel expenses that do not exceed £100. Participation in the climbing aspect of this day is not recommended for people with vertigo. You can withdraw and leave at any time.

Fri 9 June 2023, 10am-1.15pm
Mid-morning tea/coffee and lunch will be provided at no extra cost.

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If you want to find out more, please contact us: you can email Dr Petrini or Dr Tavoulari.