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Show me the money

As we emerge from the Covid years, with TCA back on firm ground we have invested £320k in the business.

Investing in the future of TCA

Each year we run an annual survey where we ask you to let us know what’s on your mind. We get vast amounts of feedback, much of which spurs action and a lot of which reflects the direction in which we are already heading. Some people asked about centre developments, so we thought we’d share with you the things in which we have been investing in over the last year and what we’ll be investing in this coming year. This includes people and infrastructure.

Some of this will have an immediate effect on your climbing experience, others – whilst hugely valuable – may be less obvious, which is another great reason for us to share them with you now.


TCA Investments


  • Across our 5 centres, we spent £80k on new climbing holds.
  • We invested £40k in re-paneling and other improvements at The Church.
  • By investing £35k in specialist hold washing equipment for The Mothership  and The Newsroom we now have high tech cleaners in 4 out of 5 centres.  This not only gets the holds cleaner making them nicer to climb on, but it extends their life, which is environmentally positive.
  • New cafe seating and other cafe equipment was purchased for The Mothership, The Newsroom and The Church costing £25k.
  • The general maintenance of all our sites cost £125k.
  • To make it more attractive to cycle to the centres – which is part of our sustainability work – and more secure to leave your bike there, we invested £15k in new cycle racks at The Prop Store, The Church and The Mothership.
  • In 2023 all TCA staff received a 10% pay rise.


  • This year saw the start of some major refurbishment works at The Mothership.  The project will span both this financial year and the next one and will involve an investment of £1.1m to modernise offices – we’ll share more about the details of this soon. 
  • We are budgeting to spend a further £100k on new holds across the business.
  • We plan to invest £30k in some further re-paneling work in The Church.
  • Our medium term investments include a major refit of The Newsroom, this year we’ll invest an initial £10k in fees and initial planning work.
  • We have a £100k budget for general maintenance.
  • To make the air cleaner, we will be spending £50k on air filtration units for The Prop Store and The Mothership, the installation of which has commenced already.
  • We are planning some additional improvements to cycle parking at The Church.
  • Further pay rises in line with inflation for all staff.

[Our financial year is 1 Oct to 30 Sep]

Logos for The Mothership, The Newsroom, The Church, The Prop Store and The Arc

The future

TCA’s management team works diligently to continually improve our centres so that you have the best climbing experiences. We look forward to sharing more as we head into the future together. In the meantime, let’s go climbing!