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Two new boulder circuits in Glasgow

We are changing some things about the setting in Glasgow. 

After an overwhelming response in favour of this in our annual survey, we’re reintroducing the yellow and black circuits. The yellows will be slotted back in exactly where they were, between purple and orange. As for the black circuits, we’re testing something new: these boulders will be ‘Wildcards,’ and grades will vary, providing you with a miscellaneous challenge during each week’s reset. Suggested grades for both the yellow and black circuits will be available via Griptonite.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases of new maps. We appreciate your patience during this transition period and will provide temporary signage until permanent signage is installed. Keep an eye on the setting page for schedule updates.


The primary

Benefits for climbers

  • Even MORE new problems every week for every level of climber 
  • Sitting between purple and orange, the yellow circuit offers accessible challenges
  • From beginner-friendly blocs to more advanced climbs, the yellow circuit caters to a wide range of abilities, ensuring that every climber finds boulders suited to their level
  • Test yourself on the wildcard circuit. By not knowing the grade we hope that lots of climbers will be more likely to push themselves beyond their usual colour-range – like a mini comp.

These will be introduced immediately in the next sets so head down and let us know what you think of the introduction of two new circuits, either in-person or via our setting feedback form.  As always, tag us in your sends on Instagram.


Please bear with us while we make these changes. There will be a period of around 6 weeks until we're fully setup with the yellow and black circuits present in all areas of both gyms.


Ross Hunter - head setter at The Climbing Academy