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Setting changes at The Mothership

We are changing the way we set boulder problems at The Mothership. 

Instead of stripping entire circuits and resetting one or two colours at a time, we will be setting by area. This is something that the Bristol setting team had been discussing for a while. It also ties in with requests we have had from climbers via our annual survey, so we are excited to try it out.

During the transition to the new setting system, there will be a mix of old and new problems in place. Temporary signage will be provided to guide climbers, and permanent signage will follow shortly. A map outlining the new setting areas will also be made available. We’ll also be updating the setting schedule to reflect this so that climbers are kept up to date with the latest sets in the centre. 


The primary

Benefits for climbers

  • New problems every week for every level of climber 
  • Climbs will still be set in a 7 week rotation giving plenty of time to tick off your projects. We’ll have 7 areas upstairs and 7 areas downstairs. Each week, you’ll have a new area on each floor to try
  • You won’t have to wait 7 weeks for new problems in your preferred circuit, there will be a new challenge every week
  • We can move volumes more readily without it impacting climbs

In addition, this will allow for easier maintenance of panels, upgrades to the centre and will bring great benefits to the setting team who will be able to collaborate more easily together when creating and testing problems.


Please bear with us while we make these changes. Some problems may be up for longer than usual but we'll have fresh new climbs for everyone at both centres each week.


Two setters looking at the climbing wall