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Taking Pride in Inclusivity


Pride month

Inclusivity is at the heart of The Climbing Academy’s values, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background or identity, feels welcome and supported in our climbing community.

To celebrate Pride Month, we are excited to offer free entries to people who would like to attend our queer climbing social in Glasgow alongside two free roped taster sessions being held in Bristol. These sessions aim to create a safe and inviting space for LGBTQ+ individuals to explore climbing, connect with others, and experience the joy and empowerment that comes with the sport.

By fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding, TCA is committed to breaking down barriers and promoting diversity within the climbing world. Join us as we celebrate Pride Month and embrace the spirit of inclusivity that defines our community.



Glasgow Queer Climbing Social

To celebrate Pride, we’re offering FREE ENTRY to 25 people to attend our Queer Climbing Social*. This is valid for two separate sessions letting people experience both centres if they like. The sessions will have an instructor on hand to facilitate the session and provide auto-belay inductions but please note, participants are responsible for their own safety and these aren’t fully instructed sessions. You can book your slot via the widget below. This offer is open to anyone who usually comes to our queer events (and pays per entry) as well as any new queer climbers.

Those who use their monthly pass or prefer to pay are still very welcome to join the sessions – which are not limited to just 25 people. If you have a pass or are paying, you don’t need to book.

*NB. There is no additional fee for the Queer Climbing Socials you just pay for entry usually.

Glasgow timings

The Newsroom:
10.30am-12.30pm on Sun 23 June

Book Now at The Newsroom

The Prop Store:
7.30-9.30pm on Tue 2 July

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Bristol roped taster sessions

Held at The Church in Bristol, we’re putting on two free taster sessions in June to celebrate Pride. Sessions will be instructed and will give you a chance to tackle the ropes. There are 15 slots available on both sessions and pre-booking is required.

Bristol timings

The Church:
Thu 6 June & Thu 20 June 6-7.30pm

Book Now at The Church

If you enjoy your FREE taster session and would like to take your climbing journey further, see prices for monthly pass options or potentially consider booking on to either our Movement & Technique course at The Newsroom or our Roped Beginners course at The Prop Store.