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Move on up!

Setting has commenced on the mammoth new training walls upstairs at The Prop Store!

Over 16s are now welcome to come up and make use of our brand new facilities including 3 huge training walls, a Lattice Board, 6 campus boards, 2 rows of domes and fingerboards – as well as rowing machines and exercise bikes across the other side of the landing in our gym.

Additional gym equipment will be arriving shortly [update: it’s being installed!] but in the meantime, we have plenty of space for you to stretch, do yoga and get yourself ready for a winter of training!

The training walls are scatter-boards. The colours do not denote set problems and do not have grades. You can use the boards to make up your own problems and work your own preferred style of move – or perhaps the moves you find most difficult!

If the setter is present – please avoid using the walls. We will continue to add holds over the coming weeks, so the options will keep evolving.

Your TCA membership offers access to all our facilities, so if you’re in Bristol any time soon, why not swing by The Church (for roped climbing and some bouldering) or The Mothership, which is about to open an entire 2nd floor of bouldering.

Let the training commence!