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Keeping it local

Meet two more of our Black Diamond Local Heroes.

Climbing as a sport that is accessible to all. The prevalence of women in climbing continues to grow with climbing centres across the country looking very different to their early days. We met up with two familiar faces from TCA: Lucy, a young route-setter in Glasgow faces up to her fear of falling and Roz, a youth coach in Bristol talks about how climbing gave her confidence.

Lucy Ross

Lucy is well known around TCA Glasgow, having joined the youth squad at the age of 11. Now 20, Lucy works part-time as a route-setter for TCA and spends most of her free time working on projects like Sufferance (8a) at Dumbarton Rock. Being a super strong climber doesn’t mean that you don’t face mental challenges. Lucy shares her experiences as she tries to face up to a fear of falling.

Watch 13 year old Lucy on BMC TV

Roz Frugtniet

Roz – the self-proclaimed queen of sarcasm – reigned her trade-mark wit in (almost entirely) for an honest interview about climbing. We spoke to Roz outside The Church on a lovely sunny day just before autumn kicked in. An experienced TCA coach and competition climber, Roz talks about the pressures of competition climbing and how following personal goals can be so much more satisfying.

Watch full video of Roz climbing Teamwork 8A in Ticino  and watch her crush at Blokfest!

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