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Sound advice

With this long stretch of quiet time ahead of you, you’re probably looking for something to listen to. We’ve compiled a list of podcast episodes that delve into the topics of mental health, climbing and the mind.

Podcasts for Mental Health

Maybe you’re freaking out about the effect this massive break from climbing is going to have on your progress. Or you’re fairly new to climbing and not yet sure what it can do for your mental health. Or maybe you’re just feeling a bit lonely and longing for the cosy chatter of other climbers. Fear not – we have you covered.

Have a scroll through the list below and you’ll definitely find a conversation that speaks to you. We’ve included some trigger warnings.

The Curious Climber: Mina talks to Hazel about the mind and mental training
This episode is a chat between the podcast hosts about Hazel’s work as a mental training coach.

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The Curious Climber: Emma Wood – The Mind in Climbing
Hazel talks to therapist Emma Wood about a lot of things including fear of falling, fear of failing, cognitive therapy and social validation.

For the Love of Climbing: I’ll spare you the platitudes
This is the story of Corey and his dad who introduced him to climbing. His dad committed suicide in 2010 and Corey now hopes to encourage more conversations about depression and mental illness. (TW: suicide, depression)
Skip to 3:35 to get right into the episode

For the Love of Climbing: The Heart of the Matter
Matt, editor in chief of Climbing Magazine, shares his own answers to life, coming from a background of benzodiazepine addiction and mental distress. (TW: addiction)
Skip to 2:57 to get right into the episode

The Enormocaust: Cheyne Limpe – Finding his way
Big-wall climber Cheyne Limpe talks about the doubts he faces on expeditions and shares his struggles with depression. (TW: anxiety, depression)
Skip to 3:10 to get right into the episode

The Curious Climber: Madeleine Crane: The Mind Detective
A chat with psychologist and coach Madeleine Crane about having confidence in performance, comparing yourself in sport, body image and vulnerability. (TW: body image, eating disorders)

Psychovertical: Failure
British mountaineer Andy Kirkpatrick talks about issues surrounding failure and getting in your head. According to Andy we should all court failure by continuing to try something. (TW: Strong language)

Psychovertical: Resilience
Andy Kirkpatrick shares his jumble of thoughts on resilience and why people keep talking about it so much. (TW: strong language)

TrainingBeta: Sport Psychologist Chris Heilman Does A Session with Neely
Chris Heilman works with people on improving confidence and staying grounded while climbing. This episode is a live session.

TrainingBeta: Neely Quinn and Alyssa Neill on Body Image and Disordered Eating in Climbers
A conversation about rethinking the optimal body type for climbers and learning how to avoid common emotional eating pitfalls. (TW: body image, eating disorders)

TrainingBeta: Matt Pincus on Returning to Climbing after a Break
An important talk about returning to climbing after a long break (such as lockdown). How do we stop ourselves from being overwhelmed by fear or becoming frustrated by our sudden tendency to get pumped?

Ten Percent Happier
Finally, this one is not climbing-related, but still a valuable resource for dealing with stress, fear and anxiety in times of coronavirus.


If you’re tired of earphones

Why not watch a podcast?

Vertical Thoughts: How Rock Climbing can conquer your Anxiety with Breanna Tucker
Mental health therapist Breanna Tucker shares how she came to climbing following years of anxiety and how it helped her. (TW: anxiety, depression)


Where do you find help?

We’d love to get more recommendations from our community. Share your favourite inspiring podcast episodes with us on social using the hashtag #TCAMentalHealth


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