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Free yoga sessions

TCA Glasgow’s yoga teacher (pre-Covid times) is Anna Beata Yoga. To help TCA climbers through a tough period she has very kindly put together not one, but two brilliant yoga sessions. The first is a 40-minute mindful movement and meditation session, while the second is a 35-minute session which places focus on balance and breath. Treat yourself and give it a go.


Follow along

Mindful movement and meditation


For body and mind

Balance and breath



The link between climbing and yoga

In 2019, Anna wrote an article for us on ‘movement medicine’ and why climbing and yoga go so well together.

Breath. Body. Mind.  In both climbing and yoga, the times when we are doing it ‘well’ are when these parts of ourselves meld together, shifting, moving, interacting in beautiful synchronicity.

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Although we have not been able to restart yoga classes due to coronavirus restrictions, you can sign up to attend Anna’s online sessions and we would very much encourage you to do that. She offers live and pre-recorded sessions which help to keep you supple, calm and centred.

Visit Anna Beata Yoga.