Free Entry for Over 70s

As part of a wider vision to encourage and help older generations start climbing, we’re extremely pleased to announce that we now offer FREE ENTRY for those aged 70+ !

This is a centre-wide scheme which means over 70s can climb for free at both of our centres in Bristol (The Mothership and The Church) as well as our two centres in Glasgow (The Newsroom and The Prop Store – our brand new centre).

In a recent article in UKC, TCA creative director Paul Twomey shared his vision behind this scheme:

“Over the years at TCA, there have been a number of older climbers who come in for very short but regular visits… I’ve always felt bad about charging when they can often only have short sessions, and occasionally we’ve put regular users of this type on a free membership anyway… We are all well aware that climbing is an activity that can be pursued well into later life and creating that opportunity to help older climbers stay motivated seemed like the right thing to do.”