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Scottish Dry-Tooling Club at The Prop Store

One of the most esoteric of all the climbing disciplines – dry-tooling is something many of us have heard of but never actually seen or tried.  The Scottish Dry-Tooling Club will be visiting The Prop Store in September and they’d love to welcome you along to find out more.


The event

WHEN  Sat 11 September from 7-10pm
COST £15/participant – payable to the club
WHO FOR? 14 years + / No experience necessary

The event is a chance to try out dry-tooling – which is indoor ice climbing with axes on rock holds and other features. Try a completely new discipline of climbing or kick off your training for Scottish Winter mixed climbs.  We’ll have dry-tooling specifically set problems on both our auto belays and boulders. Expect some wonderfully different holds and whacky moves, ice replicas, dynos, stein-pulls, hanging chains and campus madness!

There will be a nice spread of difficulty in the problems, some for complete beginners who have never tooled before and some that will test even the seasoned climbers so there will be plenty of difficulty and challenge for everyone.

Multiple members of the GB Ice Climbing Team will be in attendance and there will be ‘Intro to Tooling’ workshops happening throughout the night. Take a look at competitive ice climbing, to get you in the mood.

Please note that the centre will be closing 1hr early to other climbers that evening.


what to bring?

If you have the following items, please bring them along.

Helmet (mandatory)
Gloves (recommended)
Eye protection (recommended)
Climbing shoes
Harness (for roped climbs only)
Ice axes

The club will have spare gear that you can borrow if you don’t have your own. Remove Adze and hammers from axes if possible. If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, we’ll explain all! Harnesses and shoes can be hired at reception.

Before you come

All forms of climbing may be dangerous if not done correctly. Please make sure you have the correct forms completed to save time on the night. There will be a safety briefing at the start of the evening.

Everyone will need to have a minimum of an ‘adult unsupervised bouldering form completed alongside the Dry-Tooling Participation Waiver (linked below) to climb on boulder problems – not the auto belays. To try the auto belays too, you must also complete the ‘adult unsupervised bouldering & auto belay‘ form and complete a competency check in person with staff on arrival.  

If you are already a TCA climber signed off for bouldering and auto belays, you will only need to complete the dry-tooling waiver.

For new TCA climbers or those wishing to try a new discipline, please complete the following forms as appropriate before you visit:
Unsupervised Adult Bouldering Form
Unsupervised Adult Auto belay & Bouldering Form
Supervised form for 14-15yrs – to be completed by supervising adult


How to secure your space

Book and pay

Attendees are required to be club members or signed in as guests by members. If you want to join, please click Club Membership (£30 annual fee includes Mountaineering Scotland membership). If you’re not sure if the club membership is for you, you can attend as a guest – the club can hook you up with an existing member.


Reserve your space for the event – using the widget below.


Your booking is not complete until you have made a payment of £15 to the club for the event.

If you have any questions, the dry-tooling club will be happy to assist, via email, Facebook, Instagram or their website.


Intro to dry-tooling

During the event, the club will run a number of one hour ‘Intro to Tooling’ classes aimed at total beginners with a ratio of 1:4. Each will be led by an experienced coach/GB Team climber. If you are new, make yourself known at the start of the night, that way you can maximise your time with on the climbs.

If you have tried dry-tooling before and are looking for tips and coaching, please don’t sign up for these sessions as we are keen to prioritise space for newcomers.  The GB Team climbers and experienced club members will be making their way around everyone during the night to offer help and advice.