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Return of the Scottish Dry-Tooling Club

The Scottish Dry-Tooling Club is returning to TCA for another amazing indoor Dry-Tooling event. Last year’s event was such a blast so we’re super excited to have the club back.

The event is a chance to try out Dry-Tooling for the first time, build on your technique after the BICC’s, or push the skills you learned at last year’s event to the next level. We’ll have Dry-Tooling specifically set problems ranging in difficulty so there’s something for everyone so get ready for some wonderfully different holds and whacky moves, dynos, stein-pulls, hanging chains, and campus madness!



Fri 13 May from 6.30-9.30pm
Standard TCA entry fee applies on the night plus
£10 event fee payable to the club via this link in advance.
14 years + / No experience necessary


For more in depth information about this event please visit The Scottish Dry-Tooling Club.



Learn how to dry-tool

Intro to dry-tooling workshops also available from 5pm for an additional fee of £10. Book via the link on this page

Please note that the centre will be closing at 5pm to other climbers that evening.