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Disappointment at Scottish gym opening dates

TCA responds to the Scottish Government announcement on Thu 30 July 2020.

Today the Scottish government announced that gyms (including climbing centres) may open on 14 September. While it feels positive to have a date to work towards we are very disappointed not to be included in groups of businesses that have been able to open much sooner.

Climbing centres provide a health and wellbeing lifeline for many. Keeping walls, along with gyms closed, is in our opinion a detrimental move which will have negative repercussions for many of our members. With new hygiene and capacity restriction measurements in place – which have been working effectively in our English climbing centres – we provide a safe, spacious and controlled environment in which social distancing can be easily maintained, by health-conscious patrons.

The First Minister added that the date for gyms and pools could be brought forward to the end of August if the virus remains in check. We will, therefore, remain poised for further announcements and hopeful that we can open sooner.

Watch this space for more information


Climbing for health

Our lockdown “Love letters to climbing” project demonstrated the broad benefits of climbing, as many of our members shared their stories of health, wellbeing and recovery.

‘TCA has been a lifeline when I needed it most and climbing has helped me battle through so many hardships. It’s not an exaggeration to say that climbing has saved my life” Rebecca

“Been climbing for about 6 months now and never looked back. It proved to me that my body was working properly and has reduced my health anxiety tenfold.” Jess

“I now have a small group of climbing friends who meets weekly and feel the sport has changed my life and given me a boost of energy and positivity…I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say that joining TCA has helped change the way my brain and body feel and it’s great.” Sam

“Climbing has benefitted my physical and mental health massively and taught me to keep persevering when previously I’d have given up and walked away.” @grabbingtindy

“It makes a big difference when you find a way of keeping fit that you enjoy.” Stuart

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