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Bouldering…Lead…Speed… it doesn’t stop there with climbing.



Learn more about the different types of climbing

With climbing exploding into the public eye off the back of its first year at the Olympics, the world of bouldering, lead and speed climbing became known to many. However, there are plenty of other types of climbing that are equally as fun, competitive and challenging as those seen in the Olympics

For beginners, sometimes it can be quite confusing talking about climbing with the multitude of different disciplines within the sport. However, with so much on offer there is a type of climbing out there for everybody with many climbers broadening their horizons and participating in a mix of different types. There’s no rules when it comes to what type of climbing you enjoy. 


Watch and learn

What are the different types of climbing?

To help you understand more about the different types of climbing, we’ve created a playlist on our YouTube channel that has a plethora of helpful videos outlining the differences between disciplines within the sport. 

TCA YouTube Playlist

Vertizontal – Trad, Sport, Free Solo, Aid, Bouldering 

This one is a great starting point for beginners looking to understand more about the broad differences between a selection of some of the most widely known types of climbing. Give it a watch if you’re unsure on where to start with climbing (maybe avoid free soloing). 

Climbing 101: How to Boulder Indoors

Bouldering is one of the most popular and accessible climbing types with very little equipment needed – some chalk and some climbing shoes are all that’s required. Watch this one to find out about everything you need to know to get started in bouldering from grading systems* to falling safely, it covers it all. 

*For TCA centres, we use the font grading system and our colour scheme matches with a grade range. See internal signage for more information on our grading system. 

Climbing Magazine – Learning to Lead

You may have been inspired by the Olympics or maybe watched Adam Ondra climb the world’s first 9C. No matter what got you interested in lead climbing, there’s a number of key things you’ll need to know before getting started. This video is perfect for teaching you the basics on what you need to know for lead climbing. 

Lead is one of the most popular types of climbing and is featured on the IFSC Climbing World Cup Circuit

Cotswold Outdoors – An Introduction to Trad Climbing

Trad climbing is another popular type of climbing which carries its own risks. This style of climbing is performed outdoors and involves the climber bringing up all the gear they need – cams, quickdraws, wires to name a few.

In this video from Cotswold Outdoors, Gilly McArthur from DMM provides a perfect bitesize introduction to trad climbing. 


Climb at TCA

Here at TCA, we offer bouldering, auto belay, top-roping and lead climbing. See below for where to visit for each: 


The Newsroom: Bouldering
The Prop Store: Bouldering, Auto Belay*, Top Rope* and Lead*


The Mothership: Bouldering
The Church: Bouldering, Top Rope* and Lead*
The Arc: Bouldering, Auto Belay*, Top Rope* and Lead*. Added bonus of Skate Park. 

*Please note you must complete a competency test before entering the roped areas of our centres. 


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