Climbing jigsaws

With lock-down narrowing our entertainment options, there are lots of people honing their jigsaw skills.

So we decided to create our own climbing-themed jigsaws. Each week we will aim to share a new jigsaw for each centre. They are free to play online and customisable. Each is created as a 54-piece puzzle, but you can click “play as” to convert each image into a different sized challenge with options right up to 300 pieces!


How fast can you do it?

For reference on first go it took us around 5 mins to complete one (without seeing a pic for reference)! There’s a built-in timer with each jigsaw – see if you can beat that.

If you enjoy them, please let us know and share on our social channels or email Helen.


A few to get you started

You can click on the jigsaws below to get started or just head straight to our jigsaws page to see all available.

preview54pieceThe Mothership 2 – by Lee Mullins

preview54pieceThe Newsroom 1 – by Sam Scriven


preview54pieceThe Prop Store 2 – by Sam Scriven\