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Pop-up shoe sale in Chippenham

We are running our first ever pop-up shoe sale at The Arc.

Get advice and

Buy discounted climbing shoes

Customers will get 10% off the cost of shoes from 13-24 July!

We will have one pair in each size for all the shoes listed below. So it’s first-come-first-served.

If the list of shoes below doesn’t mean much to you, don’t worry, our staff will be on hand to talk you through all the key things you need to know about fit and performance. You’ll be able to try the shoes on and we’ll help guide you.

The right shoe makes all the difference in your climbing, so even if you’re not buying, come and chat to the team about the best shoes for you.

Just ask at reception.


Shoes available

● La Sportiva Katana M’s
● La Sportiva Katana W’s
● Scarpa Vapour V M’s
● Scarpa Vapour V W’s
● Black Diamond Momentum M’s
● Black Diamond Momentum W’s
● Ocun Crest LU
● Tenaya Masai
● Tenaya Oasi
● Tenaya Oasi LV
● La Sportiva StickIt (kids shoes)

How to


Getting the right shoe makes all the difference.

  • Not all climbing shoes are built the same.  
  • Try various brands and sizes.
  • Listen to your feet – look for a snug, relatively tight fit that’s not painful. 
  • Toes should touch the end, with minimal room for movement.
  • If your toes form a knuckle shape, they’re too tight.
  • Avoid baggy heels – to help keep shoes on and for effective heel-hooking.
  • Avoid loose fabric.
  • Most shoes will stretch with wear.
  • Don’t be put off trying male or female shoes. The women-specific shoes (in most brands) are best for narrow feet and have a more slender heel. Often branded as LV (low-volume).
  • Different rubbers are made for different purposes – e.g. Vibram XS Grip is an all-round soft, sticky rubber which is better for smearing. Vibram XS Edge is harder, less sensitive and performs best on small areas of contact.
  • You’ll need your feet when you are older, so be nice to them now.