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Bristol Winter Series 2021-22 – bouldering comps are back

The TCA Winter Series is back with a brand new format to be more inclusive for all climbing abilities and formatted differently to allow us to run it safely.


Bouldering competition


There will be 4 rounds of the Winter series and each round will run over a period of two weeks, you can choose when you would like to enter and on that day you will have 4 hours max in which to compete. Competition entry will be £3 card or cash with proceeds going to Urban Uprising.

Round 1 – Mon 15 November 5pm – Sun 28 November 8pm
Round 2 – Mon 17 January 5pm – Sun 30 January 8pm
Round 3 – Mon 21 February 5pm – Sun 6 March 8pm
Round 4 – Mon 14 March 5pm – Sun 27 March 8pm


Something for everyone – 3 levels

This year there are 3 tiers of entry: a fun comp, a regular comp and an elite comp. You must specify at the time of score submission which comp you want to be included in.

Prizes for all

Every entrant to any comp will go into a raffle where you might win fun smaller prizes.




25 problems – great for those who are newer to competitions or even newer to climbing but fancy giving it a go.
Categories: (M and F)
Youth: Under 16s
Adult: 16+


25 problems – across a range of grades at all levels, with three age categories.
Categories: (M and F)
Youth: Under 16s
Adult: 16-45
Veteran: 45+
PRIZES: The top 3 winners of each category will receive Ellis Brigham gift card up to £30 or prize


30 problems – including the regular comp set plus an extra 5 harder problems to really test their abilities.
Categories: Male and Female any age
PRIZES: £50 voucher for first and £30 voucher for second



Once you collect your score card, you will have 4 hours to work on the problems before handing in your entry. You may not try the problems before you enter, the scores you record must only apply to the 4 hours in which you are formally competing.



All you need to do is record how far you got and whether or not you did it first go. We’ll do all the adding for you:
• S is for just pulling on at the start worth 1 point.
• B1 if you reach the bonus hold (white tag) worth 3 points
• B2 if you reach the bonus hold (orange tag) worth 3 points.
• T is for matching both hands on the finish hold (black tag), or topping out, worth 3 points.
• F is for flash – if you do the problem on your 1st go it’s worth 1 bonus point.
The winner scores the most points, simple!



Each round will have winners. Winners in the regular and elite competitions will also go into an accumulator across all 4 rounds to compete to be the series winner. Your best 3 of 4 scores in the series will be counted.We will post a link to the live results online so you can see the rankings as the Winter Series progresses.



Thanks to our sponsor Ellis Brigham for supplying prizes across all competitions.