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Black Diamond Tribe Leaders

Supporting our community.

Through TCA, Black Diamond supports Tribe Leaders each year (an evolution of the Local Heroes scheme). This year, we’ve switched things up slightly and our Tribe Leaders are not individual people but a collective group. We want to introduce you to our new Tribe Leader, Urban Uprising who is being recognised for a variety of reasons. The organisation acts as an enthusiastic ambassador for our sport and represent a cross-section of our valued climbing community.

We work hard to ensure that our TCA centres are inclusive and welcoming to all types of visitors and Urban Uprising exemplify this. 



Urban Uprising


Who are they?

Urban Uprising is a climbing charity with the main aim of helping give disadvantaged young people the opportunity to transform their life. Working with local organisations and schools, the charity has developed programmes in major cities across the UK such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Bristol and Cambridge.


What do they do?

Through climbing, Urban Uprising centre its programmes on personal development and life skills for disadvantaged young people. The programmes have three main tangible outcomes – to increase confidence to try new things; increase resilience to deal with failure and increased participation in physical activity. The charity doesn’t just stop there. They have a number of key goals for the future, continually looking to increase the number of young people who have access to the programme. This is heavily dependent on their relationships with key stakeholders and partners within the climbing world, so the Tribe Leader programme is a great step in helping to achieve this goal.

There are a number of ways in which you can support Urban Uprising too. Maybe you could think about volunteering for the charity and making a personal impact on young peoples lives or potentially you could spare some money and pop over a donation that would also massively help in their operations – links below for both.

“Anyone who climbs knows how transformational it can be. Our climbing programme gives 8-18 year-olds who face various challenges in life the chance to develop their physical, social and personal strengths. It is great to be a Black Diamond Tribe Leader and have their support for our work.” Ben Campbell, programme manager at Urban Uprising. 



Tribe leaders Programme

Black Diamond

The programme is designed to support and recognise key figures in our climbing community and show some love to friendly faces that we are all used to seeing around TCA centres – both in Glasgow and Bristol. Through the Tribe Leaders sponsorship, Urban Uprising will receive key support that will enable them to have the right equipment and tools to effectively continue to expand their programmes. Alongside the participants, the sponsorship will also help the thriving and engaged community of volunteers that the charity has on board.  The main aim of supporting an organisation like Urban Uprising is to allow for more young disadvantaged people to experience climbing and further support all of the incredible work done by the charity in the community.



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